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Microbe Formulas emerged from two doctors on a simple mission: to make supplements that work. Their passion stems from intense personal struggle and eventual victory.

Dr. Todd Watts was battling Lyme, Epstein-Barr, parasites and heavy metal toxicity. These health problems were preventing him from being the husband, father and man he always dreamt of being. Dr. Jay Davidson was desperate to help his wife overcome her near-fatal fight with chronic Lyme and Hashimoto’s disease. He wanted to restore the health and well-being of the love of his life.

Never losing hope, but seeking answers instead, they have overcome not only their own chronic health issues but have helped countless others as well. They found the answer was not to chase symptoms, but to find the root cause of illness — parasites, pathogens, toxins, and chronic infections — and then the body can recover. Their search for answers led them to two major discoveries that are game-changers in the world of functional medicine and detox: BioActive Carbon and Mimosa Pudica Seed.

BioActive Carbons help to increase the absorption of nutrients from food, or constituents in herbs. Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay add them to their herbal products to enhance their effects and get even better results. Mimosa pudica seed helps restore gut health by pulling out the pathogens, toxins and infections in the digestive tract. This “intestinal renovation” of the gut helps to reduce inflammation and enables better gut function, which is foundational to great health.